About Trident Insurance Brokers

What makes us different from other insurance providers

Trident Insurance was formed in 1995 and became part of Advanced Insurance Centres Limited in June 2000.

Good service at competitive prices

With thousands of insurance brokers and intermediaries in the UK, and so many on a mission to undercut the next. We chose to revert back to basics by offering a good service at competitive prices.

Champagne and Guinness

Certainly with some insurance you can get cheap cover, and we all know that everyone thinks accidents will happen elsewhere. We also accept that many have Champagne tastes and Guinness budgets, and with insurance it is no different. But there can be no denying that getting cheap insurance means you are giving up rights to something for the low price, and that primarily is cover.

Brokers contacts

With a lot of low cost insurance products, cover is offered on screen through what is the cheapest and most expensive available. However when the premiums are substantial, suddenly there is no visible market to work with and it is down to the brokers contacts.

Informed decision

No broker can cover the market in full, what ever they say, because they just do not have agreements to deal with every counter party there is. So on big ticket items they are limited to where they can go.

We know and admit this, and do not ever want to leave our Clients feeling they made an uninformed decision.

Top dollar service

Our knowledge and expertise has its limits, so we have sought out other parties that will compliment our coverage of the market where we are insufficiently strong. In this way we are able to offer a top dollar service to our Clients, and are proud of the reputation this insurance Company has earned by adopting this approach.

Every phone call a decider

When we say we do seriously care about how our Clients are treated, we mean it, and view every phone call as being the decider between keeping or losing that Client.

Your trust has to be earned and we know that the effort must come from us to have your support and custom.

Easy to change insurance

When premiums can run to many £ millions, we believe that clients should invite insurance brokers to tender for that business.

If an insurance broker who is invited to tender succeeds in offering the best price and insurance cover, which we believe we can, it is not difficult to change over. Just as you change your suppliers for domestic or business issues, insurance is, in the final analysis, only another commodity.

Our winning formula

We want your opinion to be that we deserved to get your business and that you were happy in passing it to us. We have found that it is through this approach to service and market coverage that we are winning more and more Clients.

We stand proud by our reputation of straight talking, efficiency and leaving you the Client feeling safe in the knowledge that we have offered you the best support and service around.

Fully trained and assessed staff

Our staff are all U.K based, fully trained and their standards of performance and knowledge are assessed monthly to meet our highest standards

We only work with FCA or specific industry registered companies.

Largest panel of Insurance Companies

We are totally independent and will happily arrange bespoke risk. Our panel of Insurance Companies is one of the largest around and between them we have many thousands of different schemes available to us.

*Trident Insurance is the trading name of Advanced Insurance Centres Limited who are Authorised and Regulated by the FCA. Registration No. 306128