Motor Boat Insurance and Yacht Insurance


boat insurance

Boat and Yacht Cover

If you are looking for motor boat insurance or yacht insurance, coming to Trident Insurance for advice and a quote will ensure that you find you the best deal for your cover. Our expert insurance consultants can secure yacht insurance and motor boat insurance for your yacht or boat up to £5 million in value. (This applies for UK owners based in European waters.)

We are able to secure yacht insurance and motor boat insurance cover for your boats, yachts, dinghies and speedboats, up to 16’6” (excluding PWCs and Jet Skis), narrow boats and river cruisers used on UK canals (excluding lakes and reservoirs). We can also secure third party only yacht insurance and speed boat insurance cover.

Onboard Possessions

You might keep personal possessions on your yacht and at Trident Insurance we understand this; this is why we can offer cover for your personal possessions so you are protected in the event anything is stolen or damaged. This is not limited to items used in connection with the yachts inventory so there is no need to worry about not being fully covered. Included in a standard yacht insurance policy is cover for underwater gear which is used in connection to your yacht. This gear will be covered should your yacht strike a floating or an underwater object.

You may find that looking for motor boat insurance is quite uninteresting, and compared to being out on the water, it is! But it’s always good to have the peace of mind knowing that you will be covered should the worst happen and you have an accident. Once you’ve called us here at Trident Insurance our expert insurance consultants will be able to give you great advice and also a great quote for your motor boat insurance cover no matter how big or small your vessel is.

Yacht ot Boat Engine Power

The more power your vessel has the more complications you might encounter whilst searching for a quality insurance deal that will adequately cover you as you will be travelling at higher speeds thus making the risk of an accident higher, no matter how assured you are as a driver. This includes accidents which injure you or accidents involving another vessel. At Trident Insurance we will find you adequate personal accident cover for your motor boat or yacht at a great price so you are insured in the event that you should temporarily or permanently injure yourself.

Deciding what kind of motor boat or yacht insurance cover you need can be complicated. We, at Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best quote so you do not need to worry.

boat insurance