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Boiler Service Insurance

Boiler servicing – prevention is better than cure

The last few days of June 2009 have been some of the hottest for several years, and it can be difficult to imagine that in just a few months time, the cold… Continue reading

Boiler Service and Insurance

Stay in the Warmth

There is no underestimating how important boiler systems are to both private homes and industrial or office buildings. The need for heating and hot water can be quite universal, and in places such as the UK,… Continue reading

Boiler Replacement Insurance

Heating – keep it efficient and stress free

Keeping warm has been a consideration of those inhabiting colder climates since before recorded history. Methods such as wearing clothes and dwelling in either natural or manmade shelters are practices continued to… Continue reading

Boiler Replacement Insurance UK

Considering boiler replacement insurance

During most of the year, people tend to take their boilers for granted – very little time is spent thinking about the condition and performance of this vital household appliance. Whilst occupants of a building carry… Continue reading

Air Conditioning Systems Insurance

Healthy air – healthy people

Air conditioning has helped to improve the quality of air in places of business, shops and even private homes for a number of years now. When the weather is hotter it can help to maintain… Continue reading

Insuring Your Medical Building Or Surgery

One topic that is always at the forefront on people’s minds is the health and safety practices of today’s hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other medical buildings. With the recent health scares that have panicked the nation, people are increasingly worried… Continue reading

Why Should You Get Mosque Insurance?

This is a question that is on many people’s lips, especially in today’s modern times when there is increased risk of needing insurance to fall back on due to an increase in crime levels across most areas of the commercial… Continue reading