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Courier services are not new in Birmingham, but one must admit it is a boom time for the industry. Dozens of smaller firms and self-employed contractors joined the race with the big players such as DHL, FedEx and Hermes to deliver goods from online retailers to end customers. Owning a courier business in Birmingham can be rewarding but not without its challenges. Birmingham is the second-largest city in England and the United Kingdom urban and metropolitan area. With roughly 1.1 million inhabitants within the city area, 2.9 million inhabitants within the urban area, and 3.6 million inhabitants within the metro area, the city is the most populated English local government district and is called the “second city of the United Kingdom”. The service sector dominates the economy of Birmingham. The city is a major international commercial centre and an essential transport, retail, events and conference hub. The town grew to prominence as a centre of manufacturing and engineering since Major companies headquartered in Birmingham include IMI plc, National Express, Patisserie Valerie, Claire’s, and Mitchells & Butlers. The city has the largest concentration of major companies outside London and the South East. As a Major industrial base of the UK, the city host Jaguar Land Rover in Castle Bromwich and Cadbury in Bournville, with significant local producers also supporting a supply chain of precision-based small manufacturers and craft industries. Birmingham has sizable businesses that operate a large fleet of commercial vehicles and the presence of commercial courier services. Like any other place, commercial fleet owners or courier businesses face the same difficulties while choosing the right insurance policy for their fleet and couriers. 

Over the years, Trident Insurance has developed bespoke insurance policies that fit the business need of commercial fleet operation and courier services. At Trident Insurance, we can provide a range of insurance policies from car insurance to large business cover. Our UK Based team has high standards of performance and knowledge across all areas of insurance. Get help on finding your perfect policy today.


Find Courier & Haulier Insurance That Cover Your Need

Birmingham is home to many couriers and hauliers since it is one of the UK’s major cities and home to sizeable hi-tech manufacturing and service sector businesses. Many business enterprises operate a large fleet to ship goods, industrial products, and sophisticated tech products from Birmingham. If you are running a commercial courier or haulier in Birmingham and surrounding areas involving multiple vans delivering goods to your customers, getting the vehicles insured is essential. Trident Insurance courier and haulier policy designed to protect you, your delivery items, and your drivers from any unforeseen incidents. We can help you to find the right policy for your business within budget and avoid the hassle of dealing with different insurance policies by getting your vehicles insured by Trident Courier and Haulier policy.

Levels of Cover

Vehicles under courier and haulier policy can also get a similar cover like fleet insurance. The first is third party vehicle insurance, which is a legal requirement. Third-party vehicle insurance will protect you if you injure a third party or damage a third-party property but doesn’t protect you when your vehicle is damaged, or you suffer any injuries as a result of an accident. 

The second leading tier of cover is third party fire and theft insurance. It will cover you if your vehicle is stolen or set alight. Although it is not a legal requirement to have this level of cover, we recommend that you look into it if losing your vehicle would mean that your business would have to come to a halt.

The highest main level of vehicle insurance is comprehensive vehicle cover, which covers you for claims where you are at fault, or the blame can’t be allocated to one party or the other.

Multiple Drivers

If you have multiple drivers for your vehicle, you need to ensure they all have appropriate insurance. You can insure your vehicles for any driver to use, but you will have to pay more to insure your transport more often than not. An alternative is to insure your vehicle, so any ‘named’ drivers are insured to drive it; this will more often than not be cheaper than insuring your vehicle for any driver.

Who Needs Courier Insurance

For businesses that employ multiple vehicles for delivering or picking up goods, courier insurance will save those businesses from shutting down due to lost, stolen, or damaged goods, vehicle repair costs, etc. In addition, courier insurance provides coverage for your business and materials that you’re sending from one place to another.

Courier Insurance Vs Haulier Insurance

It is easy to get confused between courier and haulage insurance as both caters to the same industry or business. Haulier insurance policies give coverage to the companies that use vans for a single round of delivery over a long distance. In contrast, Courier insurance’s primary purpose is to protect the vans that make more than one drop load for payments.

Why Choose Trident Insurance Courier and Haulier Policy

A Trident Courier and Haulier Broker will work with you to give you the best price on your insurance. Whatever your area of work is, your vehicle will be essential to your success as a business. 

Trident insurance will work with you to ensure you get the best deal on your vehicle insurance with adequate cover – vehicle insurance quote to suit your needs at a reasonable price.

  • Available for Drivers 17+
  • Couriers & Hauliers
  • All Occupations
  • Up to 7.5T
  • Younger & convicted drivers
  • Additional vehicles can be added during the year of the policy
  • Carriage for hire & reward cover New ventures and start-ups covere
  • Any Driver Policies
  • Multi-Vehicles
  • Tradesman
  • Modified Vehicles
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Breakdown cover options-Business use for the carriage of own goods
  • No claims bonus discounts are available

Deciding what kind of courier insurance and what level of cover you need can be complicated. However, our team has the right skill set for providing industry-specific policies and always ensures that you get the right coverage at the lowest possible price. Long term relationship with UK’s top insurers enables Trident Insurance to deliver the best rates in the market and make it easier for you to select the best van insurance quote that covers your need. In addition, Trident Insurance can deliver a tailored insurance policy based on your budget and business needs if you are doing business in Birmingham and adjacent areas.  

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