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Let’s talk about Terrorism

Let’s talk about Terrorism: As you know as a company Trident Insurance do not give advice, simply because we can’t be sure we will be 100% correct when we do give it. With all the policies available from different Insurers,… Continue reading

What have we learned about 2014?

What have we learned about 2014: Over the last year, one thing that has never been out of the headlines is the Payment Protection Insurance scandal, and the compensation a lot of people have been awarded.

During the year we… Continue reading

Under Insuring is no joke

Under Insuring is no joke. There is an issue with under-insuring and we need to keep you up to date.

As you know we are a big fan of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), who say it as it is,… Continue reading

How to cope with Insurance and ethics

Insurance and ethics

You will probably have seen mission statements from endless companies, and you will get industry bodies that represent their members. With Insurance there are numerous bodies looking to represent those who work in the industry; each will… Continue reading

The failings of insurance regulation

In a world where the Financial Regulator is concerned, rightly, with products sold to consumers; it relies amazingly on professional bodies to maintain a high level of discipline from those who act as advisers on compliance with the regulations.

These… Continue reading

Is it smart to follow the crowd?

When a buzz starts to develop, be it gossip, a new device or an app, something seems to take over and almost control those who read about it with an almost desperate need to buy it, unless of course it’s… Continue reading

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