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Does it ever get any easier?

Does it ever get any easier?

With so much technology at our fingertips you would think that life would get easier but and we could just let the technology get on with everything whilst we suit there chilling and starting to feel the work life balance has arrived

This is not a plea to turn the clock back, but to look at where we are going and how to make life simpler.

I come from a world where the first think I would do when I wake up is go to the bathroom, the notion of turning on the computer or checking messages on the phone never existed and when I look at the benefits of doing the latter I have to question what happened to human interaction. We just seem to be slaves to technology today.

Cyber communication is pummelling us with endless junk and spam that is overwhelming important things like a simple Hi how are you? Saying that I just hope this messages hasn’t arrived in your spam file!!

What exactly happened to talking and communicating where we don’t; get replies that just say noted or LOL 

Here at Trident Insurance we have to work with technology like anyone else, but we try to make sure it’s supplementary to a legitimate conversation and not all controlling. 

With our new Commercial Insurance Team now in place we feel that a lot of the hassle will be removed for you, and you can talk with us and let us help you as we do for your Fleet and Personal Insurances.

We have tried to simplify the basic questions that need answering so we can get on to Insurers and work for you. Of course if you want to SEND US YOUR PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS you had a year ago HIGHLIGHTING ANY CHANGES that may have occurred over the year we would love to compete FOR YOUR RENEWAL.

We feel with the access to SPECIALIST SCHEMES and the varying types of CONSTRUCTION INSURANCE WE CAN NOW PLACE along with OTHER CONNECTED COMMERCIAL INSURANCES, we now have the total package where you can feel safe in the knowledge that with Trident Insurance it really can get easier.   

Please call us, or check our website for what you need.

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