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In need of Public & Employers Liability Insurance for tradesmen?

Are you looking for a public liability insurance broker in the UK? General Liability Insurance is an essential cover for most types of businesses. Whether the business you own or run is small or large, you need public liability cover.

It will protect your business against claims for damage or injury caused to an individual or property whilst on your business premises. You will not be covered by public liability cover if an accident happens to you, your property or someone whom you employ.

At Trident, we understand the needs of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, we have developed a combined special business insurance policy for specialist businesses that provide comprehensive coverage. It enables you to run your craft business with the peace of mind that you have adequate protection in force should something sudden & unforeseen occur.

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Public Liability Insurance Cover For Tradesman

Public liability cover will protect you if a customer or third party claims compensation against you due to injury or damage to a person or property whilst on your premises or as a direct result of your activities as a business. For example, a customer walks into your shop, trips over a cable and breaks their ankle. The injured customer is now in a position where they can sue your shop because your activities directly caused their injury as a business or negligence by an employee.

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Understanding the Difference Between Public Liability and Employers' Liability

Naturally, working around a client’s building and property can lead to some risks. Public liability insurance is essential to help protect your business and employees from potential claims. It is necessary for scaffolders, and you’re liable for damage to property, injury and death. On standard contracts liability starts from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million and with larger contracts it will go up to £10 million.Both public liability and employers’ liability insurance policies cover unintentional harm and material loss. However, the distinction between these covers is in the party filing the claim.

Although your client contracts may include it, public liability insurance is not legally required. However, businesses that interact with the public, such as shops, restaurants, tradespeople, and salons, must consider this. You might have to pay high legal costs and a pricey settlement if someone sued you and claimed that your company was responsible for their harm or damage. Your public liability insurance might assist in covering this.

It’s critical to realise that public liability insurance does not provide coverage for compensation claims made by current or former workers for injuries sustained at work. Therefore, employers must have liability insurance, a legal necessity for most companies with employees, to guard against this risk. The law also covers part-time and temporary employees, along with several subcontractor types.

Why Choose Tradesman Insurance From Trident?

Having good public liability cover ensures that your insurance company will cover NHS medical costs, compensation payments, and any legal fees related to the liability claim. Without public liability cover, you would have to pay out the whole claim, which could hurt a small business. Most insurers will offer cover starting from £1 million. However, if you are operating as a business in an industry deemed by insurers to be of higher risk, you may require more coverage. Public liability cover for small to medium enterprises often has a limit of £10 million.

Choosing your limit is very important, as being underinsured can sometimes be as bad as not having insurance. Of course, you can do everything right as a business, but even then, the chance of a customer having an accident is always there, and you need to be protected.

Trident insurance will make sure you get the right cover for your business. This way, you can operate, as a business, with peace of mind knowing that you will be protected should a customer need to file a claim against you.

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