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Getting fleet insurance in London seems like a no-brainer, but a lot goes into obtaining and managing commercial fleet insurance. The City of London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. Being an ancient city with major settlement for two millennia and as one of the world’s most important global cities, London is an influential hub for arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, transportation and logistics. London has a sizable business that operates a large fleet of commercial vehicles. Like any other places London businesses that own commercial fleets face the same difficulties while choosing the right insurance policy for their fleet.

Over the years Trident Insurance has developed bespoke insurance policies that perfectly fits into the business requirement of commercial fleet operation. At Trident Insurance we can provide a range of insurance policies from car insurance through to large business cover. Our UK Based team are fully trained to high standards of performance and knowledge across all areas of insurance. Get help on finding your perfect policy today.


How To Get Right Fleet Insurance In London

Finding the best price for your fleet insurance policy can be a challenge. Trident Insurance can assist you to find one that matches with your business. Maintaining a fleet of commercial vehicles always carries risk and therefore cost – especially when it comes to fleet Insurance. Getting right fleet insurance highly depends on understanding how the policy is going to cover vehicles and how much premium you are going to pay.

Who Needs Fleet Insurance

Businesses that lease or own more than one vehicle that is used commercially can get insurance coverage for their vehicles with fleet insurance. Fleet insurance will typically be cheaper than insuring each vehicle separately. Which also means you have less paperwork to manage and you will have peace of mind that all your vehicles have the appropriate cover. If you have multiple or mixed vehicles, young or convicted drivers and need breakdown assistance we understand, building the perfect insurance plan may look complex.

Types of Fleet Insurance

You can find three main types of fleet insurance policies in the market.

Third Party Only – It only provides a minimum legal level of cover for a fleet of cars and arguably the cheapest option. Insurance coverage includes for damage to the other party’s vehicle, or loss or damage to a third party. However, it doesn’t provide cover for your or the driver of your vehicles.

Third Party, Fire & Theft – This policy covers you for theft of your vehicles or fire damage including the third party cover mentioned in above policy.

Fully comprehensive – It covers everything from the first two policies and also includes any accidental damage to your vehicles. However, this is the most expensive type of fleet insurance you can get.

Type of Business Activity Covered By Feet Insurance

Deciding what kind of vehicle insurance and what level of cover you need can be complicated. You can get fleet insurance cover for a variety of business activities arising from the use of vehicles, including haulage, private hire, couriers and other business transportation purposes. Some fleet insurance policies may keep your team under a single umbrella, giving coverage to any employee operating any of your vehicles. Other policies require you to list each employee authorized to operate your vehicles; therefore, it is critical to keep track of who is on your policy and notify your insurance company of any new hires or staff changes.

Type of Vehicles Covered by Fleet Insurance

Almost any type of vehicle can be insured under fleet insurance. If your business owns or leases busses, coaches, cars, vans, trucks, scooters, motorbikes, agricultural vehicles and tippers are just some of the vehicles that can be covered. Please note any classic cars or super cars are not insurable under fleet insurance.It may require a specialist type of Fleet Insurance policy. These types of cars are generally quite high in value and can be costly to repair due to the difficulty of finding original parts. Using a specialist business car insurance broker like Trident Insurance is a good idea if you need to insure a fleet of super or classic vehicles.

Fleet Insurance Cost and How to Lower Premium

Among other factors, the cost of fleet insurance mainly depends on the type of business you run, number of vehicles you have, the individual history of your drivers, the number of named drivers, and how well your current policy has performed over a number of years.

Cost of fleet insurance can be lowered by choosing a specialist insurance broker. Specialist insurance brokers like Trident Insurance have a range of policies to suit different requirements, so you can get sufficient insurance cover that is a perfect fit for your needs and won’t result in you paying any extra.

Let Trident Insurance build a single competitive fleet insurance policy for your business in London, making administration a breeze for you.

  • Fleet sizes from 2+ Vehicles
  • Couriers & Hauliers
  • Easy Administration
  • Mixed Cover for all types of Vehicles
  • Breakdown cover options on vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
  • Mixed Cover for all types of Vehicles
  • Single Renewal Date
  • Additional vehicles can be added during the year of the policy
  • No mileage restriction
  • No claims bonus discounts available
  • New Ventures and Start-ups
  • Younger & Convicted drivers
  • Affordable monthly payment

Your battle for acquiring fleet insurance does not end with selecting one insurance policy. Once your fleet is insured, it’s important to regularly manage and evaluate your policy. Trident Insurance has been providing fleet insurance cover for over 24 years. Our experienced insurance negotiators will work with you to build an insurance plan, specifically tailored to your business fleet requirements and budget. As independent brokers we can search all insurers to deliver the most competitive fleet insurance package.

We, at Trident Business Insurance will make it easier for you and find you the best fleet insurance quote so you don’t need to worry. If you are doing business in London and adjacent areas, Trident Insurance can deliver a tailored insurance policy based on your budget and business needs.

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    We’ve provided Fleet Insurance cover for over 24 years. Our experienced insurance negotiators will work with you to build an insurance plan, specifically tailored to your requirements and budget. As independent brokers we can search all insurers to deliver the most competitive fleet insurance package.