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Let’s face it Insurance is a grudge purchase.

Let’s face it Insurance is a grudge purchase.

Insurance isn’t rocket science yet too many think it’s all about meerkats, fat opera singers and ticking a lot of boxes.

Trident are prepared to spend the time you need to understand what you are paying for, and we always will do that so long as you tell us what you need all material information, so we get you the best price 

As an SME or small business the biggest problem is budgeting for time, to do all that needs be done. That’s where so many Insurance suppliers see your Achilles heel and abuse it. 

Let’s face it for all the good that insurance can do it’s still seen as a grudge purchase. Insurance suppliers have tied themselves in knots trying to convince you with smiley faces and by commoditising the primary products. Brokers are seen as an interlopers, when in fact Comparison sites charge the supplier a commission on every transaction no less than a Brokers, and what you get with Comparison sites and loads of white label names of surprise, surprise the same companies 

Trident Insurance has been in business for over 25 years as an Independent Broker which means we are not tied to anyone. We have a large panel of Insurers, main line names and also syndicates who work in Lloyds of London. If we don’t like the way they do their administration or handle claims we won’t deal with them because that’s what insurance is about as well as competitive pricing 

Without you we don’t exist, and that’s why we are prepared to go the extra mile every minute of our working day (Monday – Friday 09.00am – 17.30pm & Saturday 09.00am-12.30pm) 

If you want a good relationship with a Broker then why not try Trident Insurance and prove that having a Champagne taste and a Guinness budget can be compatible with no loss of cover.

No two companies/clients are alike, their insurance requirements vary in all areas of demands and needs. But, with careful handling we will get you exactly what you want. We pride ourselves on delivering what our Clients are expecting, be it for their business or personal insurances. 

When it comes to SME Commercial insurance, from Fleet cover to Buildings and contents, from Professional Indemnity to Goods in Transit, Trident Insurance really will take care of everything.