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What value professionalism in today’s world of Insurance?

What value professionalism in today’s world of Insurance?

How do we see professionalism? Is it merely down to the number of exams you pass or does it go further, and if so what is it that declares one person professional where another is not?

There is a lot of talk about BIBA looking to consult on a code of conduct, and if agreed it would then be voluntary. Personally I don’t understand their position, with regulation coming from the FCA, which in their defence is mostly only stating the obvious, but putting it all down in writing why then discuss a code of conduct

Why would BIBA feel the need to consult in the first place when either we know what is right or we don’t? Are members going to comply if they only view doing so as voluntary exercise and if you’re not a member then what? 

My view is that this is just more patronising claptrap coming from the same source, and to have a code of ethics you then make voluntary, especially when the FCA covers pretty well everything we could possibly think of is just dumb.

What is fair and reasonable and what do clients want, will they not deal with us because we are not a professional and what value are courses or exams if there is no monitoring afterwards to ensure the knowledge has a human and fitting application. 

With insurance as with every sphere of our daily life, handling day to day issues is not always easy. But one thing I have realised is that when people start pleading professionalism or codes of this and that who aren’t the regulator of government, then it’s a lot more to do with PR and marketing than any consequential real worth.

Today we live in a world where everyone has the patience of a sparrow and expect things to go right. We never think things will go wrong to us, but that is precisely why when it does all hell lets lose in the buck passing game. What value professionalism then?

Our view is that professionalism is as questionable an area to discuss as what constitutes amateurism. When it comes to Codes of this and that with Insurance the FCA has created more than enough regulations to keep everyone busy for years to come.

It’s about time professional bodies looked at what their members need and did something about it. Qualifications are now ten a penny and like the amount of folk graduating from University what purpose does the degree hold if real time application or monitoring by assessors in the chosen work place.

Insurance needs more youth, compassion and enthusiasm in it. Reluctantly it finds itself changing but at a snail’s pace ad that may be because the professional bodies are too insular and not appreciating what is going on in the real world.